How To Foster

Could You Foster One Of Our Dogs?

Have you considered fostering one of our dogs? We are looking for fosterers who are willing to help our dogs while waiting for their forever homes. As a foster family you will be providing a loving and stable home environment for a dog that has had an unsettling start through no fault of their own and giving your foster dog a chance to adjust to life outside of a kennel. Simple everyday things like going for a walk or playing with a ball might be completely new to a rescue dog. Even though our kennel owners provide our dogs with the very best care, not all of our dogs cope well in a kennel environment and need a loving and patient home filled with kindness. Could you welcome a dog into your home to foster while we search for their forever family?

Benefits Of Fostering For The Dog

Fostering helps rehabilitate a dog that has spent most of its life living on the streets or in kennels or who has been abandoned by their family. As a fosterer you will provide our dogs with the one on one love and attention they sometimes need to get them ready for life with a new family, by building your foster dogs’ confidence and improving their socialisation skills. There are varying degrees of need across the dogs in our care that are waiting for a foster family and we cover all medical bills while your dog is in foster. You will be asked to provide a comfortable bed, a few toys and cover the food bill if you can and lots of love. Becoming a fosterer will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do and it a vital part of the rehoming process for many dogs.

Contact Us

We have many different types of dogs, different sizes and colours and dogs that can live with other dogs or ones that are better-suited on their own. All of our dogs have met Honey the kennel cat so we know which dogs could settle with a foster home with a cat. We can help find the perfect fit for you and your foster dog after an initial chat followed up with a Home Check. If you think you could foster one of our dogs, or would simply like more information on the fostering process or a no obligation chat on the phone pleaseemail Nick Hipkin and one of the team will be in touch to help answer all your questions. You can fill out a Foster Application Questionnaire.