Family From Afar

Below your can meet just some of the many beautiful dogs who are the need lifetime care or rehabilitation.

We make a lifetime commitment to all our dogs and we need to care for them, feed them, take them to the vet and make sure they have the best restart so they can either eventually be ready to join a family or live the happiest life they can with us.

Could you join our Family From Afar program and sponsor one of our dogs today? From just £1 a week will help pay cover their food, shelter and vets bills but you can offer full sponsorship to any of our dogs for £52 a month.

While we work with them to help them, regain their confidencewe work with them to help them, regain their confidence would you sponsor them and help us look after them and become their Family From Afar. Please email us to sponsor one of our dogs.
For full sponsorship You will receive a photo of your family from afar member, stickers, a certificate, and a special paw print featuring a photo of your chosen doggy.