Saving Strays work to the saying “Because Every Single Life Matters”.

While we understand that we cannot save every life or every dog (although we would like to be able to) we see every dog and in fact every animal as a sentient being with the right to live without fear and without anxiety. We believe that all animals have a right to their own life and that they should be treated with respect and care and compassion.

Our long term goal is to run a small education programme in the local area that we operate in in Europe and help people of all ages, interact with dogs in a kind and caring way, without any fear in the situation for either party.

Below you will find a few of our educating kindly graphics, and in the UK these are soon to be made into a book that we hope will eventually find its way into schools and libraries.

We are so grateful to our volunteer Martine Lacasse for creating these amazing images for us. Martine is a talented designer who also created our new logo and our mascots.