Please fill in this form and submit it to our adoptions administrator. On completion and receipt of this form a Home Check will be arranged.

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Are you the owner of the property
If you are not the owner do you have the permission of the landlord to keep pets? If you answer yes you will be asked to provide written permission from your landlord prior to a home check being arranged. You may email this permission letter to
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Do any of the adults work?
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Do the children understand that a dog requires it's own space?
Is everyone in the household happy to adopt a dog?
Will the adopted dog ever be left alone?
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Have you previously owned a dog?
Do you have a back garden?
Is your garden fenced in and secure?
Do you currently have any other dogs at the property?
If you have other dogs, have they been spayed/neutered
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If you have dogs are they all vaccinated?
Your adopted dog will most likely not be house-trained. Are you and your family prepared to accept this?
In the near future are you planning any major changes in your household (e.g, birth, moving home, changing work hours)?
Will you exercise your dog off lead once recall is established and it is safe to do so?
Your dog was previously a street dog and will require a settling in period to allow them to become adjusted to your routine and existing pets. This may take longer than normal due to their history. Are you willing and prepared to allow this?
Your dog may not be neutered/spayed if it is too young. It is a requirement of adoption that the animal will be neutered/spayed within 3 months of adoption and email confirmation of the procedure sent to Saving Suffering Strays. Do you accept to have this undertaken and provide the confirmation?
Are you willing to cover all veterinary costs of your adopted dog?
Will you insure your dog?
May we contact your current vet for a reference if required?
Most likely the dog you adopt will not have received any formal training. Are you prepared to attend positive compassionate training/socialization classes?
Have you had a home check within the last 6 months?